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One of the best ways to fight climate change and poverty at the same time
The Challenge
Climate change is the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced. Ironically, it will disproportionally effect the poorest people in the world, people with sustainable consumption habits who don't contribute to the problem at all. If we all lived like the average coffee farmer, we likely wouldn't have a climate crisis to begin with.

Often times, the dual priorities of eliminating poverty and fighting climate change come into direct conflict. To reduce poverty and fight climate change at the same time, we need solutions that benefit both people and planet.

When it comes to coffee, the value chain is broken. Farmer incomes are at an all time low, millions of trees have been lost to "sun coffee", consumers are mostly unaware. As temperatures rise, weather patterns become more extreme and unpredictable, the 25 million coffee farmers of the world will face increased risks. The UN estimates that by 2050 we could lose 50% of our coffee do to climate change.
The Solution
When done correctly, planting hardwood, fruit, and nitrogen fixing trees among the coffee plants is a common sense solution that improves biodiversity, captures carbon, improves farmer welfare, and over time, coffee quality as well. This mixing of plant species is generally defined as agroforestry.

This wasn't our idea. It's a well documented top climate solution. Of the top solutions listed by Project Drawdown 6 of the top 30 apply to agroforestry coffee. They are: Tree Intercropping, Tropical Staple Trees, Regenerative Agriculture, Multi-strata Agroforestry, and in some cases Farmland Restoration.

Planting trees is a simple, low-tech solution, but it has powerful ripple effects across ecosystems and economies. Through LeafUp, you have the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future of the coffee industry.