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Who are the farmers you work with?
Not all coffee farmers are in the same situation. 80% of the 25 million coffee farmers globally own less than 2 ha of land, and usually lack access to the capital, infrastructure, and scale necessary to make good profits from their coffee.

We work exclusively with these smallholder farmers. The farmers we work with either reach out to us directly or are part the Pachamama Coffee Cooperative, a truly inspiring, vertically integrated farmer owned cooperative made up of close to 200,000 coffee farmers.

We work with agronomists at the cooperative level to ensure that the trees that are planted are legitimately beneficial, and wherever possible with each individual farmer directly.
What happens to my money?
80% of your subscription goes directly to farmers. The other 20% goes to help us grow LeafUp. We put a lot of thought into this percentage and think we've chosen about the right amount. If we can't scale and afford the best talent, our potential for impact will be limited.
How do you ensure that the trees are really being planted?
When farmers plant trees, they send us a photo and a GPS coordinate to prove the planting. We don't compensate farmers until we have evidence of each tree planted. As we scale, we're actively looking for ways to use AI, satellite imagery, and 3rd party verification services to ensure that trees are in the ground.

Many have likened our business model to a certification system like Fair Trade. While we think Fair Trade has done a lot of good, we're skeptical of the methods that they use to certify farms and are excited to use technology to build the next generation of certification.
Why are you a for profit organization?
It's simple. So we can scale faster and maximize our impact. LeafUp exists to help coffee farmers and the planet, and we know that the organizations that achieve the largest impact tend to be based around solid, self sustaining business models. As a for-profit, we have the opportunity to raise capital and grow faster. LeafUp is a Norwegian AS, so our financial records are fully auditable, similar to what you would expect from a US 501c3. We believe in a new generation of businesses, which put impact above profit.